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“Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”

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Belau Tourism Association was created to provide a collective voice of its members in the development and promotion of the tourism industry. BTA provides a forum for individual members’ concerns to be heard and addressed by national and state government.

BTA also provides resources to members to work together to promote better business practices within the industry, further the standard of excellence through self-monitoring and support healthier tourism through sustainable promotion of our island resources.

Message from the Board

Alii and a Warm Welcome!

They say that life is repeat of circles, some shorter, others longer but we always come to a point where we started. It seems true with Belau Tourism Association.

First of all, let me extend my sincere appreciation to all of you for your vote of confidence from the previous election that got me on Board of BTA, I also thank the current Board for electing me to be our President this year.

Belau Tourism Association was created to be the collective voice of the tourism industry, to support and promote the common goals of the industry and most of all, to bring together the industry's know-how to help our country develop proper policies that would enhance and improve the tourism industry in this country!

These are all very laudable and sometimes seemingly lofty goals for such small organization but I am very proud to say that many of those goals have been achieved and/or in process right now. Belau Tourism Association is the respected voice of the industry and continues to be the watch dog for the industry's interest.

As we enter this 2013, myself, the Board and our Staff, will work hard to ensure that this organization continues to serve its members and to accomplish the goals its members have set for it. It is very challenging but we believe that working together, we can meet accomplish the goals we have set and improve the environment in which our tourism industry can flourish and each and every tourism related business can succeed!

Leilani N. Reklai
Belau Tourism Association

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