The Belau Tourism Association was established in 1993.

BTA Objectives

  1. To provide one collective voice of members of the tourism industry in development and promotion of the tourism industry in Palau.
  2. Provides a means where individual members of the tourism industry’s concerns and ideas for better tourism environment and development are heard and addressed by national and states governments.
  3. BTA grant resources where the members of the industry can work together to promote better business practices among themselves, further better tourism through self monitoring activities, and support healthier tourism industry through sustainable use of island resources.

BTA Goals

  1. Develop a cohesive membership grouping of the Palau Tourism Industry.
  2. Create a representative voice of the tourism Industry to the Palau National Congress, Palau Visitors Authority, State governments and other key influential groups.
  3. Promoting “Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality" destination.
  4. Promote increased tourism awareness and Positive benefits of tourism in Palau.
  5. Play an active role in the overall tourism policy development for Palau by having an active role in The Comprehensive Tourism Plan for Palau.
  6. Support BTA members through cost-sharing advertisement, timely information affecting Business operations, tracking State and National policies affecting tourism industry


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